Bear Mountain

Are you tired of partying every night in New York city? Grab a bunch of friends and venture out of the city onto the west side of the Hudson River and into Bear Mountain State Park. There are numerous hiking trails to follow. We eventually arrived at The Perkins Memorial Tower which was built in 1934.

The top of Bald Mountain offers one of the best views of the Hudson River, Bear Mountain and the Bear Mountain Bridge. You can see at the New York Skyline from the From Bear Mountain Perkins Memorial Tower.

There are various ways to travel to Bear Mountain.


Port Authority from Terminal Gates 401-409 which go daily to Bear Mountain and drop you off right at the trails. 


From New York catch the Metro North train from Grand Central to Peekskill.  Return is $29 but a cab up to Bear Mountain which takes ten minuates is $10 per person which is quite alot but the trains are more regular than the buses. It took around an hour or so to get there.


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