Best bars in Bushwick

Bushwick has quickly become a ‘hip’ neighbourhood in Brooklyn over the past few years. What I admire the most about this area is the amount of new places that pop up out of nowhere. Coffee shops, bars, restaurants, you name it. The only downside is that many places have closed too. I like to support these local businesses so they remain open.



Where: 308 Bleecker St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

It was by total chance that I found this place. I was intrigued by the random hanging barbie dolls, roller skates in the windows and the dog’s bowl outside the entrance. I came back a week later with a friend and indulged in the happy hour which is reasonably priced. A cheeky margarita is $7.







LOT 45

Where: 411 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Take a stroll down troutman street and you will find a row of trendy bars. You are welcomed to a huge warehouse theme layout with red plush counches and glam chandeliers. Happy hour is from 5 – 9 which is great for New Yorkers who work late. There is a free comedy show on Tuesdays at 9 and there are board games at your disposal with ping pong tables at the entrance. Okay, there isn’t a wait service for food but once you go up and pay for your food they will bring it over to you.





Where: 425 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Upon entry to this joint is a small backyard with picnic tables which give a chilled back atmosphere.  The bar itself is entwined with a British and West Indian vibe lined with vintage wallpaper and oiled paintings. This place also does a reasonably priced brunch. Check it out guys!




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