From cobbled alleys to Roman ruins, capture the historic and natural wonders of Croatia, an ancient land on the Adriatic Sea. Whether you are wanting to party until dawn or laze by the pool all day, Croatia definitely has something for everyone.

The best time to go to Croatia if you want a summer vacation is from July – August (Peak season). Peak-season daytime temperatures can be quite humid, however, both on the coast and inland, and dawn-to-dusk sightseeing can be a grueling experience.  I would definitely recommend booking hotels or hotels a month or so in advance before you go as   Hotel accommodation soon fills up at the height of summer.


Split is a traditional Croatian city spanning over 1,700 years of history.  The cobbled alleys of cafes and beautiful medieval houses lies the Palace of Diocletian, the greatest Roman ruin in Eastern Europe, dating back almost two millennia.

Firule, Split

What I admired about Split was how calm it is compared to Hvar. Beach Firule is in the same district of Split, located between the beach Pošk and Ovčice. 

There are several beaches in Split ranging from sandy to pebble ones. I preferred the pebble beaches as the sea water glimmers in the sun.

Diocletian’s Palace

This Palace is a main attraction of the city of Split. The Bell Tower was not part of Diocletian’s design, it was constructed in 1100 AD.


Diocletian’s Palace

View from Diocletian’s Palace


Marjan Hill

Marian Hill offers amazing panoramic views of the city which is easy to reach by following the marina all the way to the west end until you reach the restaurant Fife and just follow the road up.


Marina Hill

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