Growing up before the digital era really took off


Could you imagine a world without digital? No Facebook or the latest Iphone? Although technology is a step forward for our society , it prevents children from experiencing life without it. As a ’90s kid I spent weekends with my childhood friends having pretend tea parties with our barbie dolls and taking part in competitions with my younger brother on who could build the best house on The Sims.


What I loved about this generation was that although technology was only just starting to grow it didn’t completely control our lives (unless you had a Tamagotchi – this digital pet wouldn’t let us sleep at night as it was always hungry).


Who remembers The Smurfs, Rugrats, Power Rangers and Dr Otter? I remember as a child I only got up early for school so I wouldn’t miss my favourite episodes of the Snorks.


Back then toys were very basic and majority of the time kids had to use their imaginations and invent toys themselves. I still have about 50 beanie babies that I collected over the years stored in my parents attic. Who knows if they are worth anything now?


I remember for Christmas one year I got a personal CD player from my parents and I thought my life was complete. I grew tired of recording my favourite tracks off the radio and having to transfer it onto tape. Little did I know that I would soon face the dilemma of CDs getting scratched and the burden of  lugging around a heavy personal CD player in my jean pocket.


Who seriously needs a Kodak disposable camera these days when you have a mobile phone with a camera that can be uploaded straight to Facebook in a matter of seconds? This bad boy camera was brilliant for taking to Reading festival and not having to worry about it getting stolen. Although.. one issue with it is that you could have possibly taken a few photographs of absolutely nothing and still being charged for it.

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