A few of my favourite digital marketing campaigns

Here is a selection of my favourite digital marketing campaigns:

1. Share a Coke

  • Uncomplicated idea, yet the response was astonishing
  • Connecting with their audience through understanding their motivations and the nostalgic feelings behind craving a can of Coke
  • Another element for marketers to consider is that in the world of social media, personalisation only works if it is something that can be shared with the wider community. This campaign provides people with a reason to share, but one that users can choose to do in their own way – there is a choice, it is customised and left up to individuals to be creative in how and when they use it
  • “People loved that this campaign spoke to them directly by using their names, or those of their friends and family. They were also engaged in the participative element of the campaign, particularly by sharing images of the personalised Coke bottles on Twitter and Facebook. Share a Coke spoke to them as individuals, while making them feel more connected to the brand and to one another – and that is the secret to its success.”

2. LYNX Anarchy Deodorant: The World’s First Invisible Ad


  • Unilever deodorant brand Lynx has launched what it claims to be the world’s first invisible ad to promote its unisex variant Anarchy.
  • Lynx launched this digital campaign in Australia, with the world’s first invisible ad installation using special LCD screens that can only been seen with polarised lenses.
  • Passers-by were handed polaroid sunglasses and invited to look up at the windows of a terraced house in Darlinghurst, Sydney, which had been fitted with special LCD screens.
  • This so called “Lynx effect’ was used to promote a new unisex fragrance called Anarchy.
    The media savvy campaign is part of a new push into the women’s deodorant market by the scent maker

3. Burberry Kisses


  • Burberry launched this campaign in 2013 by re-inventing the love letter in digital form. Their clever campaign allows users to email letters to their friends and loved ones, sealed with a kiss that exactly reproduces their unique lip-print.
  • The technology uses a simple webcam or smartphone camera to capture the lip-print of the letter sender and imprint it on the digital letter. Of course, users can also pick the shade of the kiss from amongst Burberry’s catalogue of lipstick colors.
  • The creative campaign teamed up with Google to get social media users sharing love, while simultaneously disseminating Burberry’s brand name. It was picked up by fashion bloggers, enjoyed weeks of publicity on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and was widely shared on Google+
  • By creating a personal yet shareable experience that appeals to everyone, this campaign built a connection to the Burberry brand without feeling like a traditional advertisement. The campaign adopted a “build once, run everywhere” fashion that meant the Google Chrome ad ran across devices, both as websites and as ads


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