Rabbit Card

Bangkok is a very noisy, heavily populated city with a mixture of cultures. The transport system (the BTS) is excellent, very reliable and clean and makes getting around much easier. Bangkok’s equivalent to London’s oyster card is the Rabbit card. The Rabbit Card is a rechargeable contact-less stored value smart card used for the BTS Skytrain in Bangkok and may be extended for the MRT and BRT (bus rapid transit) in the near future.

Bangkok's Rabbit Card
Bangkok’s Rabbit Card

In addition to the launch of Rabbit, there is also the Rabbit’s affiliated loyalty and points program, ‘Carrot Rewards’, an initiative by Carrot Rewards Co., Ltd. From 1st May, 2012, members can earn ‘Carrot Points’ when they top up their ‘Rabbit’, travel on the BTS and spend at places like McDonald’s.

‘Carrot Points’ can be redeemed for gift certificates such as from McDonald’s, Major, AirAsia and the Mall Group. To become a member of ‘Carrot Rewards’, ‘Rabbit’ holders must first register their card on the Company’s website.

Price: 50 baht issuing fee & 50 baht card deposit fee (refundable) and minimum 100 baht travel value. Total 200 baht

FYI: Once the card value drops to 15 baht, you will need to top up with another minimum 100 baht.

Places where you can gain Reward Points

Food & Beverage

Retail and Service


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