Ban Pong, Ratchaburi, Thailand

Ban Pong is known as “The City of Nice People”. You might have passed through Ban Pong if you’ve ever taken a bus from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi. Ban Pong is located 80 miles west from Bangkok and is accessible via bus from Victory Monuent and costs 65 baht single. It takes an hour and a half depending on traffic.

Night Market

On Monday and Friday evenings there is an evening market. The wide variety of foods and smells, the hum of the crowd and the twinkle of the fluorescent lights make for an enchanting atmosphere. Below is the only shot I had taken of the local night market in Ban Pong.


If you are thinking of teaching in Thailand but you don’t think you could hack living in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok you can always try Ban Pong. Unlike Bangkok all English teachers live together in similar accommodation  as there is a smaller number of people compared to Bangkok.

Bann Pee Yak Resort

PSX_20140608_125250[1]      20140607_105652






Rent: 5,200 baht per month inclusive of WIFI

The electricity and water is paid per unit shown on the metre each month.

Air-conditioning is provided in all rooms but it is very expensive compared to having a fan. A fan can be purchased for a reasonable price depending on the fan. A fan with a stand costs around 700 baht and a standard small fan costs between 290 baht to 500 baht.

Hiring a scooter

Not everyone chooses to buy or rent a scooter out here in Ban Pong but it is a great thing to have in order to get to know the area well.

To rent a scooter for a month it costs 1,000 baht which included helmets. Not many people seem to wear helmets out here but I’d rather not risk getting my head smashed in. Teachers who stay in Thailand for a year tend to buy their scooter and sell it at the end of term and use this money to pay for flights home or travel.

Bike storage



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