Polo for Women Fall-Winter 2014


Ralph Lauren extended his successful Polo Ralph Lauren range for Women this month. Ralph Lauren Fall 2014–Southwest bohemian meets downtown cool. This is how Ralph Lauren describes his Polo women’s collection for fall-winter 2014 which was unexpectedly shown before the mainline. The bohemian theme is clear with a mix of grungy floral prints, bold colors and plaid shirts in the twenty-five look preview.

The new collection offers a timeless ”Southwest bohemian meets downtown cool” vibe as described by Ralph Lauren himself. What I loved about this new line is that is aimed at a younger audience featuring fringed leather jackets, Aztec inspired pieces with a hint of grunge.

ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show1 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show3 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show4 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show5 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show6 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show7 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show8 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show9 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show10 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show11 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show12 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show13 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show14 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show15 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show16 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show17 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show18 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show19 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show20 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show21 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show22 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show23 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show24 ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2014-show25

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