Parasol Sun cream Review

Ever since I was a young child I have always tried to avoid being burnt by the sun during the hot summer months by covering up my lily white skin,

I accepted many years ago that I will never experience a golden natural tan. I tend to burn, peel and then after several days return back to my natural colour with the possibility of a few freckles spread across my face . I gave up on using fake tan too as it was too hard to maintain.



I came across this Irish sun care brand called Parasol by a family-run company called Irish Bodycare based in Ireland ( Since 1990 the company has researched into UVA and UVB sun protection products, as well as dry scalp and skin conditions. Irish Skincare is involved in numerous research programmes at the Carlow Institute of Technology and other Institutes in Ireland, which have given the company national and international recognition.

I decided to purchase the Prolong facial moisturiser (100ml) and Parasol 20+ (100ml) up to 10 hours sun protection a day. It is also free delivery to UK and Ireland which was a bonus!




Both are great products with at a really light oil formulation, which goes on really easily without any stickiness and shimmers slightly at first until it absorbs into the skin, in order to see how much you have applied.

It has to “set” for about 30 minutes before you can be exposed to direct sun light, and I haven’t so far experience sunburn with it after swimming in the sea or a swimming pool.

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