Spotify is a great marketing tool



The Swedish-based online music streaming platform Spotify provides users access to thousands of individual songs and albums. Anyone can sign up for the program that is free thanks to commercials between every few songs. Users can sign up for Spotify Premium to access songs and play lists through their mobiles on the go. This also removes all adds from the program.

Spotify is not only a useful service for music lovers, but it’s also a marketing tool for businesses. Any business can use Spotify as a way to draw in different demographics. Through play lists businesses can share the songs, drawing people back to their Facebook or Twitter account.






After creating a Spotify account, I created a “New Playlist” and gave the play list a title that fit’s the theme of the songs. You drag songs into the playlist. Once the playlist is complete (by the way you can add or remove songs at any time), right click on the title of the playlist. Click “Share to” and choose the destination. For example, Twitter, Facebook or email. Share the link with your followers, using hash tags.

Another tool Spotify offers is a widget from their official website. I signed into my account, copied and pasted the widget on to the blog, which is located on the website so candidates can view the playlists at any time. You may find that people are adding your business on social networking sites after finding your playlist.

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