Sisley Sisleÿa Eye & Lip Contour Cream Review



A hectic lifestyle with constant stress can help speed up the aging process leading to a tired, dull looking complexion.

This light delicate eye and lip cream diminishes the appearance of visible lines, wrinkles and targets signs of under-eye puffiness or dark circles with extracts of wild daisy and liquorice.

Active ingrediants include; orange, poppy, matricaria, Padina Pavonice, wheat proteins, sunflower and Vitamins B5, E and F.

For best results I use this product at night after removing all traces of makeup. I applied the eye and lip cream to the corners of my eyes and underneath with my fingertips. I used the product again in the morning, allowed it to dry before applying foundation to my skin.

After two weeks I have noticed that skin around my eyes appears more radiant and moisturised however I haven’t noticed any signs of diminishing under-eye area. It mentions on the packaging that it takes several weeks, with daily usage for further results.

The product hasn’t caused breakouts or any irritation.


Prices vary for this product depending on size. The average sized 15ml tub costs £109.00

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