Perceptions of beauty: Male versus Female



Formula for facial beauty involving  the use of symmetry

What is beauty?

Beauty is defined in several ways, such as inner and outer beauty. The phrase ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ defines outer beauty whereas inner beauty is regarded as someone’s personality.

All over the world, people go to incredible lengths to match up to the standards of beauty their culture certifies. While we ordinarily know what appeals to our own sense of beauty — we know it when we see it — defining what determines attractiveness is not always easy.

In frustration, we often give up and claim that “beauty is in they eye of the beholder.” But is beauty really a personal phenomenon? Is beauty seen as culturally or biological determined or both? Does it depend on one’s culture and socialisation?

BUT….What is it that makes a person attractive? Or gorgeous? Or beautiful? (Or whatever your favourite adjective is)….Facial beauty? Body type?

Male vs Female





Both men and women want to be considered attractive. Although the desire to be beautiful or attractive may well be universal, what is considered beautiful or attractive is not.

Male ‘beauty’ is  seen as the wrong word to use to describe the way they look.

For a male, attractiveness is a unique feature, and as it’s impossible to learn how to become charming. It’s also very difficult to unveil the secrets which contribute to the attractiveness of a male

The term “metrosexual” entered our vocabulary in 1994 thanks to British Journalist Mark Simpson’s article, “Here comes the mirror men.” In this article, he claims that men are becoming vain; they are grooming, adoring, and flaunting their bodies in ways we have never seen before.

Written by Elizabeth Boyes


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