For the past two weeks I have been working as a brand ambassador for Belgian accessories label Kipling. I have been involved in the launch of their new activation campaign called “The Magic of Christmas!” due to the success of brand in the last five years.




As part of the campaign Kipling are offering a 20% voucher off all Kipling products in store and an e-Christmas card but in order to receive this special offer customers must tweet a photo of themselves and friends to #KiplingMagic.




About the brand


Kipling was founded in 1987 in Antwerp, Belgium. The Kipling name was inspired by the famous British writer, Rudyard Kipling who was best known for his book entitled, “The Jungle Book”.

The company also expanded upon this association with the “Jungle Book” by adopting the monkey (or ape) as the company’s logo (one of the main characters in the book is an orang-utan). The monkey key-hanger is usually associated to Kipling brand and appears on all of their bags.

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