Birds Eye intends on developing its marketing strategy for the brand




International frozen foods brand Birds Eye has admitted that its marketing hasn’t been effective for some time and intends on creating a new brand experience for its customers across all channels by creating a more comprehensive brand voice.

The company intends on bringing its in-store, outdoor and digital advertising more in-line with TV campaigns and commercials after the Horsemeat scandal. Birds Eye has withdrawn three beef ready meals from supermarkets in the UK and Ireland as a precaution after traces of horse DNA was found in a product in Belgium.

In the past the organisation used integrated marketing campaigns to achieve maximum impact. For instance the business used communication tools such as, sales, advertising or public relations, to establish an effective communication plan to achieve substantial results for the brand. However, Birds Eye has decided to focus on planning and execution phases.

This month the company is keen to push its biggest sampling tour ‘The Make More Of Midweek Tour’ to promote its midweek dining portfolio to urge consumers to make more of their evening meals. Stores such as, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco will showcase product ranges such as, Bake to Perfection, Rice Fusions and Fish Fusions.

Technology has made it possible for companies to monitor key performance metrics and routine tracking for awareness. The company has developed a new social media plan in partnership with Mischief PR to recruit influencers and communicate stories around its manufacturing process that is relevant to consumers.

Written by Elizabeth Boyes



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