I previously worked as a marketing assistant at Oral care specialist Periproducts. The company has been selling a range of products aimed at eliminating bad breathe and providing a high level of oral hygiene for consumers and the dental profession since 1993.

Back in July 2012, Periproducts announced a new and improved look and name for its RetarDex premium range of oral care products – with the launch of UltraDEX. The product remains the same effective formula but with a new improved name.


On changing the name, UltraDEX has launched a range of new additional products; Recalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste, Anti-bacterial Coated Interdental Tape, Wire-Free Interdental Brushes and Mint Flavoured Daily Oral Rinse.

Below features an animated commercial for the new launch of UltraDEX which received 1,321 views.

The custom made rebrand video advertisement created by Nitro Digital (a Soho based digital communications agency) lasts for just over 1:00 minute that delivers an impactful message to launch the new product’s name.

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