MAC and Rihanna Collaboration: RiRi Hearts MAC Collection for 2013

rhirhiMake-up Cosmetics, better known as MAC cosmetics is a manufacturer of cosmetics headquartered in New York. The make-up brand was originally aimed at professional make-up artists.

MAC’s highly desired products are sold at make-up counters all over the world.

Rihanna has been extremely busy this year what with her new River Island collection being showcased at London Fashion Week and now her multi-season makeup collection with MAC called Riri [Hearts] MAC. Rihanna will be involved in the main four colour collections for later on in the year.

“Music happens to be the first thing that I gravitated to, and now music opens doors to just so many different opportunities, and they all tie in. My makeup looks, my fashion looks…they help me to express myself as an artist. I think it helps people to understand me or my mood, my story.” – Rihanna,  WWDFashion, Beauty and Retail News


 The four cosmetic collections, to be referred to as RiRi [hearts] MAC will be launched in 2013. The collection is built around the new shade of lipstick called RiRi Woo, inspired by her favourite red MAC lipstick.

Her signature piece RiRi Woo will launch first online and at Rihanna’s Diamonds Tour concerts on May 4th and 5th at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York where MAC will open up a pop-up shop to showcase the new line.

Her name will be displayed on the product packaging along with her signature on the RiRi Woo lipstick case, inspired by cult favourite, Ruby Woo and on the bullets of the summer lipsticks.

The remaining three colour collections will follow, with a summer range to be sold online, as well as fall and holiday collections which will be available in stores.

The summer collection, sold online,  includes two additional lipsticks, a Lustre Drops shade and a powder brush duo alongside a bronzer in shade Lustre Drops.

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