Fashion Assistant at Cosmopolitan Magazine



In January 2013 I applied for work experience at my favourite magazine, Cosmopolitan. I found out there was a position opening through networking with individuals I met within the industry.  I was advised to e-mail my resume to a certain person from Cosmo, and soon enough I got a response and was asked to start the following week.

I have always been  interested in working within the fashion industry and working at Cosmopolitan Magazine confirmed this. As I’ve mentioned before, I became more interested in fashion and beauty marketing and I didn’t actively pursue magazines.

Before I knew it, It was Monday morning and I was inside Hearst Magazines Headquarters in London. I was given a pass to use for the three weeks I was there for and instructed to return it at the end of the placement.

I was assigned my own desk to work at, positioned next to Clare Pudney and I arrived at the office at 9 o’clock everyday. I would sit at my desk and check my e-mail whilst I waited for an employee to assign my tasks for the day.


My desk



I have previously worked at News International’s Headquarters at the Sun’s Fashion weekly magazine, Fabulous Magazine and this really helped gain the skills that were necessary for working at Cosmopolitan Magazine, including contacting PR agencies, Assisting at fashion shoots etc.

At Cosmopolitan I was not assigned to a specific supervisor. I helped everyone throughout the office with any tasks they needed extra help with.


Fashion Rail


For the fashion department, I worked in the fashion closet and organized the clothes and accessories that were used for photo shoots. This consisted of unpacking clothes sent from showrooms and PR companies, organizing the clothes onto racks, packing up clothes for future shoots and unpacking from shoots, packing them up again and delivering them back to where they came from.


In terms of office work, I took part in trend research to produce graphical and visual display ideas for upcoming photoshoots. Below is an example of one of my visual displays for an inspired Ocean Drive, Miami based shoot. I used words to visualise the photographs, such as Ocean Drive, roller skates, bikinis,  ice creams, boys, upbeat, fun. Cool, sun, laughing, sunglasses.


Another research project that I took part in was finding celebrities that wore trendy or colourful spring jumpers for 2013. See below:



I mainly assisted with call-ins and return samples for designers such as; Mulberry, Vivienne, Westwood, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, and other high street designer brands. Another part of the work placement was to manage telephone, email enquiries and postage deliveries. This has definitely benefited my communication skills.

I assisted Laura Puddy at her fashion shoot for her blog Catwalk to Curvy. I prepared clothes for the stylists to use for shoot production and ironed the clothes with a steam iron. I  took part in the ‘test shoot’ to ensure lighting was sufficient enough for the shoot.


Catwalk to Curvy



My work placement allowed me to understand how the magazine is put together by different departments and I enjoyed my time there. Take every opportunity you can get whilst working on a work placement. All of my varied experiences in the fashion industry have helped me to decide which path is the right one for me. Internships are invaluable industry experience so try to make the most of it while you’re at university!

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