The UK’s First Fashion Show on Ice representing


The star studded event was hosted at the very picturesque Tower of London’s outdoor ice skating rink. It was freezing cold but all the energy from the party crowd, and Lauren Pope’s DJ tracks around the venue had us all feeling most eager to see the runway show, which was to showcase’sChristmas capsule collection.


The models were all professional skaters. Some danced along the way and demonstrated their finely honed skills. The cast from TOWIE were also there and the nice surprise of the evening was to see Ella Henderson (X-Factor) skating along at the end of the fashion show.

  tumblr_mf8uyaoyme1rjr3aho2_400 tumblr_mf8uyaoyme1rjr3aho3_250 tumblr_mf8uyaoyme1rjr3aho4_400 tumblr_mf8uyaoyme1rjr3aho5_400 tumblr_mf8uyaoyme1rjr3aho7_400 tumblr_mf8uyaoyme1rjr3aho8_400 tumblr_mf8uyaoyme1rjr3aho9_400  430845_10152338217360637_985317854_n 486935_10152338217375637_643306147_nPSX_20140517_213541

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